Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Film Review and Analysis


This blog is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. A few years ago I took a couple of classes in film analysis and really and truly loved it. Film is art, and as such deserves the same kind of treatment as painting, music, and dance. People should be looking at film as a way to describe the world around us. Its techniques, acting, and subjects, all can play a big role in teaching us a greater lesson about ourselves, our culture, and our history.

I also hope to do film review as well. It won't always be easy to go to the theater and do a full analysis. I won't always have a notebook with me, and taking notes is imperative to a good analysis. So I hope to also provide some reviews of film in the theaters.

The one thing I hope to avoid is being too academic about film. The one issue I have in most analyses I read is that they don't convey a sense of fun. I once had a music teacher tell me that music is meant to be enjoyed, and it is not supposed to be fun. He obviously never played jazz. Some films are meant to be fun, and that should be related in an analysis.

I also will try and analyze an eclectic mix of films. I won't just be doing Italian Neo-Realism or French New Wave. I'll also do modern popular cinema, including the biggest blockbusters and what they have to say. In my opinion, these movies are MORE important to analyze due their their overwhelming popularity. What are they teaching us, and what are they saying about us as a people?

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